Teen Driver Safety Information from Your Phoenix Accident Attorneys (Part 2)

While some teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior such as speeding or not wearing a seat belt, it is important that parents understand that all teens are at risk for an accident since inexperience is the leading crash risk, with most teen crashes occurring in the first six months of having a license. It doesn’t matter if someone is a good student or a bad one. If the teen is a new driver, he or she is at risk.  The Phoenix Accident Attorneys at Kamper & Estrada want you to know what you can do to protect your teens?

  1. Lead by example

Sometimes parents are unaware of just how much influence their actions have on their children.  For this very reason, practicing safe driving habits while you are driving with your teen in the car is teaching by example.  Explaining and discussing your safe and defensive driving techniques while in the car will allow your teen to benefit from your experience.

  1. Help teens get the practice they need

Parents can help their teens get the experience they need by spending as much time in the car with them as possible.  Let them drive to the grocery store with you. Let them drive on short little jaunts and then eventually on the freeway across town.  They need the practice!  Drive in the rain, snow, fog, heavy traffic, on unfamiliar roads….let your teen driver progress and learn the safe driving basics. During this time of learning make sure you maintain a positive attitude so your teen is focused on learning.

  1. Establish rules and expectations

Parents need to communicate not only the risks of driving but also their expectations for their fledgling teen driver.  The rules and expectations of your teen driver as well as the ramifications for reckless behavior should be clear.  Some parents also choose to memorialize their expectations in a parent-teen driving agreement. (add http://www.cdc.gov/ParentsAreTheKey/pdf/Parent_Teen_Driving_Agreement-a.pdf)

The Phoenix Accident Attorneys at Kamper & Estrada, PLLC want to see your teens safely enjoy their newfound freedom as fledgling drivers.  Defensive driving is a skill learned through time and experience however so if your teen has been hurt from someone else’s negligence you should consult with an experienced Phoenix Accident Attorney to discuss their claim.  Stay safe!

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