Social Media Could Derail a Personal Injury Case

These days, it almost goes without saying that social media is anything but private. Even if you have your accounts “on lockdown,” it’s all too easy for prying eyes to get a peek at what you’re sharing with family and friends.

There’s a new Digital Trends article about the increasing role that social media plays in personal injury cases. Specifically, they highlight a case out of the U.K., where a defendant submitted 194 pages from the plaintiff’s Facebook feed and used them to knock her case out of court.

How would you like for someone to scroll through your whole Facebook feed without knowing you — and without any context for the private posts, they’re seeing? It’s inherently unfair, but it happens, even here in the United States.

American insurance companies are especially notorious for using their policyholders’ social media pages against them. Often, these posts are taken out of context and twisted to suggest something other than what the author intended, but the strategy may nevertheless prove effective.

That’s why it’s so important that litigants on either side keep “a low profile” during the life of a lawsuit. Your attorney can help you understand the kinds of things that might be misused or misconstrued and how the other side might gain access to your private accounts.

Cases should be decided on the merits of their facts and the law, not on sensationalized social media spin. Don’t deny yourself the justice you may truly deserve. Exercise restraint on the web.

It’s important to work with experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys who understand today’s technology and the role it might play in your lawsuit. Contact today.


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