Semi Trucks

How to Drive Safely Around Semi Trucks

Every year in America, about 5,000 people die in auto accidents involving a semi truck. Of that 5,000, 4,300 of them are drivers and passengers of regular cars and trucks. Big rigs have long been a fact of life on the highways and freeways, and will continue to be a presence on them. When you are driving near a semi truck, it’s important to be extra careful. Here are some tips on how you can stay safe.

Tips for Driving Safely Around Semi Trucks.

  • Give them PLENTY of room. Commercial trucks have huge blind spots, and since they have so much surface area, they are actually more prone to gusts of wind than cars. Stay out of their “No-Zones,” the areas behind, beside and directly in front of a commercial truck.
  • When passing a big rig, hug the outside of the lane and give them much more room than you would give regular cars when merging back in front of them.
  • Stay away from a turning truck, especially the right side. The driver often has no idea you’re there until it’s too late. Although it may look like you have room, the trailer’s about to swing back quickly, and is liable to come crashing into your car.
  • Don’t cut them off or merge improperly in front of them. Be aware that a semi truck cannot maneuver nearly as quickly as your car, and not giving them sufficient room can lead to a serious accident.

Steps to Take After Truck Accidents.

Trucks still remain the primary means of shipment and transportation of goods in the US. Since they are so large, accidents involving semi trucks are often fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident involving a semi truck, speak to an experienced accident attorney who can help you protect your rights.


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