What Should You Look for in a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

The benefits of riding a bicycle are often undeniable – saving money on gasoline, getting some great cardio exercise, or simply for the love of riding a bicycle. Because of this, more and more Arizona residents are riding their bikes to get from point A to Point B. Central Phoenix, AZ, with its miles of bike lanes and paths, caters to folks who love to ride their bicycles. However, riding a bicycle also comes an elevated risk of getting injured. Bicycle accidents, specifically ones that are associated with automobile collisions, can lead to disastrous and potentially serious injuries, and in some instances, even death.

Each year, about 2% of deaths associated with motor vehicles are bicyclists. This is why having a Central Phoenix, AZ bicycle accident lawyer that you trust is so important. If you have just been in, or know someone who has been in, a traumatic bicycle accident caused by another person’s negligent actions, the lawyers are here to help.

There are many parties that may be found liable in a bicycle accident:

  • Driver – Drivers who are found negligent and to be the cause of a bicycle accident or fatality can and may be held responsible to pay monetary damages to victims and their families for wrongful injury or death.
  • Town or municipality – If a visual obstruction or a design element found to be dangerous on the road or designated area where the accident occurred is determined to have contributed to the accident, there is a possibility the municipality or town may be held liable.
  • Construction companies – If an employee of a construction company creates a hazard on the road, or if a construction worksite causes unsafe road conditions for bike riders, the company could be held liable.

This is another reason why it is so important to find the Central Phoenix, AZ bicycle accident lawyer who will take care of your specific, individualized case with compassion and care.

When looking for a Central Phoenix, AZ bicycle accident lawyer we understand that victims may be overwhelmed with the traumatic experience and not know where to turn or what to do next. That’s where the bicycle accident lawyers come in. Insurance companies may mislead you due to potential self-interests, and they may try to settle for low, unfair offers for you and your family. Your best interests are often not what they prioritize. our lawyers will also serve as the middle party between you and your insurer to ensure you receive the proper compensation you are owed.

A Central Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer Arizona residents trust is one that can be found Our bicycle accident lawyers know how important your case is, and how much individualized attention, research, and due diligence are necessary. We are experienced in these types of cases and will assist you in the process of collecting proper compensation for the hardship you have endured. If you are looking for a bicycle accident lawyer in Central Phoenix, AZ, contact our staff for a free consultation today. Our team will help you in your quest to find the right Central Phoenix, AZ bicycle accident lawyer to satisfy your needs and make sure you are taken care of during this difficult time.


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