The Importance of Communicating with Your Attorney

Lack of communication can destroy any relationship. This holds even truer when you hire an attorney.  I am listing ten ways to facilitate communicating with your attorney:

  1. Although you can communicate with your attorney as often as needed, it is best to keep a list of all issues that you wish to discuss to make your communication more productive.
  2. We recommend communicating with your attorney’s office by email.  That helps both you and your attorney document your issues and make sure you are “on the same page.”
  3.  Sometimes email just doesn’t cut it, and a good telephone conversation can resolve many issues. Again, if you make a detailed list of the issues you wish to discuss, you can make one phone call and resolve all of those problems.
  4.  If you don’t have email, you can also use a fax machine to communicate with your attorney’s office. If you are unable to scan and email documents, a fax machine is a great alternative.
  5.  You can certainly communicate through snail mail. However, that is probably the least efficient way.
  6.  Please don’t be afraid to contact your attorney. They work for you and are there to answer all your questions.  You deserve to know what is going on with your case and the strategy that is being taken. That is your right, and the attorney is there to answer those questions
  7.  Whether the attorney has the answer immediately or needs to research the answer, you should receive a response promptly.
  8.  If you do not receive a response within an appropriate time, I suggest you call the office to speak with the office manager or lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer Baltimore MD residents trust.
  9.  While you are being represented, you must advise the attorney if you have any new injuries, health problems, etc. that could affect your claim.  Many cases break down because clients do not share information with their attorneys. Remember, this is extremely important because the insurance companies know EVERY SINGLE CLAIM YOU have.  If you were involved in a new incident, they can see this. If your lawyer doesn’t know, they can’t properly prepare for your case.
  10. Always remember that you and your attorney are a team and must work together to get the best resolution on your case.  Therefore, please communicate.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Greenberg Law Offices for their insight into the importance of communicating with your attorney.


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