Are Witnesses Enough to Prove the Liability of Another Party?

Auto Accident Lawyer

When you hire a car accident lawyer you can be confident that every effort will be made to recover the full extent of your injury costs from the responsible party. They protect the rights of those who might otherwise be taken advantage of without an aggressive and resourceful car accident lawyer by their side. Contact a law firm to discuss your case for free with an experienced car accident lawyer. Your questions and concerns can be addressed which may help you to determine your next step.

What makes a witness credible?

As your car accident lawyer may tell you, what makes a witness credible to one person may not make them credible to another person. More often than not, a witness’s account may be deemed credible if they’re in alignment with a particular viewpoint, and they may be dismissed automatically if it does not. When your car accident lawyer evaluates the plaintiff’s or defendant’s witness to your collision, he or she may consider the following in order to determine their level of credibility:

  • How close were they to the accident? Was their view obstructed? Was it dark or poorly lit? Is their eyesight good?
  • Do they appear to have an alcohol or drug addiction? If they are stuttering or acting irrationally, their account will not appear credible.
  • Are they emotionally stable? If they suffer from a mental illness and exhibit symptoms that suggest as much, they will probably not make a good impression on a jury.
  • Are they a neutral party or do they have strong ties to the other driver or the car accident lawyer’s injured client?
  • Does the person have a criminal record?
  • Was the person coerced or bribed in any way by the defendant?
  • Is the witness’ story inconsistent regarding details that are critical to determining liability?

What if the witness is not credible?

Whether or not a witness is credible, and even if there is more than one witness to the injury accident, your car accident lawyer will leverage all available evidence in support of your case. Every case is different, so depending on the circumstances, that evidence could include any of the following:

  • Police report
  • Physical evidence from all of the vehicles involved.
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene such as tire skid marks, damaged curbs or signage, etc.
  • Videotape footage from local businesses or municipal traffic cameras.
  • Medical examination information from your physician in support of how your injury must have occurred.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Who Can Make a Difference

Do not take the chance of representing yourself and getting your claim denied. Attorneys have helped many motorists receive the compensation they deserve. Call immediately to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA about your case.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injuries and how witnesses of a car accident can help.


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