Claims for Pap Smears Misdiagnosis

What is the process to file claims for pap smears misdiagnosis?

Personal injury claims for pap smears misdiagnosis are not unusual. Many women with serious conditions have suffered unnecessarily after their physician did not correctly diagnose them with cervical cancer. When this occurs, it may be impossible for the patient to receive early detection treatment. As a result, they were forced to pay for otherwise avoidable medical treatment and suffered tremendous pain. 

Why do pap smears misdiagnoses often result in claims?

Cervical cancer can be treatable when diagnosed early enough. It is a form of cancer that develops slowly and when pap smear results detect it, the woman can receive treatment to prevent it from becoming life-threatening. However, this requires the physician to accurately read the pap smear results. If the precancerous cells are left undetected, the pap smears misdiagnosis means that the woman may not be retested again for years, and the claims are a method for them and their families to get relief.

Can I file pap smears misdiagnosis claims?

An attorney from our firm is available to review your case at no charge to you. Eligible claims may result in victims receiving large settlements from the parties responsible for their pap smears misdiagnosis. The amount of the settlement is directly related to the number of damages they sustained in the form of medical treatment costs, the income they could not earn while incapacitated, as well as their suffering and pain.

When pap smears misdiagnosis claims are successful, do the doctors go to jail?

When a victim hires a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, and files pap smears misdiagnosis claims or a single claim against one physician, it is a legal action against the defendant in the form of a petition for financial compensation for damages suffered. When a claim is successful, in most cases what occurs is that the defendant’s insurance company pays the victim a settlement; the defendant does not go to jail because this is a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Even if the claim escalates to a lawsuit, should the plaintiff win the case, the defendant will not go to jail. However, the settlement can ease the financial burden of the plaintiff who has incurred significant medical bills. It can also ease the pain and suffering they have experienced and may still be experiencing. Another reason why many victims choose to pursue pap smears misdiagnosis claims is that when successful, it sends a message to their physician and others that negligent medical care is not acceptable.

Thanks to Wieand Law Firm, LLC for their insight into pap smear misdiagnosis.


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