How to Spot a Dangerous Driver And What to Do

There are many reasons a driver might be dangerous on the road. Maybe they are trying to show off in their fancy sports car or motorcycle. Maybe they are driving aggressively or engaging in road rage. Maybe they are distracted drivers. In the United States, 64% of road accidents involve a cell phone and nearly 1 in 5 car crashes involve a driver distracted by something other than the road. Maybe they are a drunk driver.

Whatever the reason, there is a chance you’ll encounter a dangerous driver at some point in your life. Each driver should know how to tell if you’re near a dangerous driver and what to do about it.

How to Spot a Dangerous Driver

Regardless of whether the driver is drunk, tired, distracted, etc., it is important to know the signs of a dangerous driver. Visual clues may include the following:

  • Driving too slowly (10 or more mph below the posted speed limit)
  •  Wildly varying speed
  • Making abrupt or illegal turns
  • Weaving/crossing lane lines, straddling lane lines
  • Drifting in and out of traffic
  • Signaling that doesn’t match driving actions
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Slow response at traffic signals
  • Driving somewhere other than the road
  • Forgetting to turn on headlights
  • Tailgating
  • Nearly colliding with objects, the curb, or other vehicles

If you notice two or more of the above clues, it can be an indication that you are in the proximity of a dangerous driver. To keep yourself, your passengers, and others safe, follow the steps below.

What to Do

  1. Wear your seatbelt. Always.
  2. Stay Safe. Get as far away from the dangerous driver as possible. If you can get off the road, even better. DO NOT attempt to pass the vehicle, follow the vehicle, or confront the driver.
  3. Gather Information. If possible, make note of the car’s following details:
    • License plate number
    • Make & Model
    • Color
    • Driver’s physical description

Do not place yourself or others in harm’s way to obtain this information. But if you can remember any of the above details, it may help the police locate the dangerous driver quicker, especially if they become involved in an accident.

  1. Call the Police. Provide the police with as much information as possible. In addition to the details listed above, let the police know the following:
    • The street you are traveling on
    • The direction you are traveling in
    • The street the dangerous driver is traveling on (if different from you)
    • The direction the dangerous driver is traveling in (if different from you)

From here on out, let the police handle the dangerous driver. Your priority should always be your safety and the safety of the passengers in your vehicle.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a dangerous driver, consult with an attorney to see what your options are. Contact Kamper & Estrada, PLLC for a free initial consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers in Phoeniz, AZ.


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