Understanding Liability in a Lyft Accident

Car accidents always present a fair bit of confusion, especially around the idea of liability. No driver wants to take responsibility for an accident. The incident gets even more perplexing when you are involved in a collision with a Lyft driver, and they’re at fault. Who pays in this scenario? Does the driver or the company? The answer is not straightforward because it depends on several issues that all speak to the state of the driver in relation to the company. However, if you just take a moment, you can find the answer in the details of the crash.


First, it is necessary to understand the employment status of Lyft drivers. Lyft only uses contracted employees, which means the company is solely responsible for damages when the driver is actively taking part in a work-related activity. When the crash occurred, was there a passenger in the car with the rideshare driver? If not, then they may have been operating their vehicle as a personal vehicle and not a work vehicle, in which case the driver is liable for the damages to your car if they are at-fault for the accident. However, before jumping to that conclusion, you need to understand the different working arrangements drivers have with Lyft.


A Lyft driver transporting a passenger is only one way that drivers engage with the company. When they are carrying a passenger, if they cause an accident, then the company’s commercial policy is liable for the damage. During the transportation of passengers, Lyft’s insurer provides maximum coverage. However, a Lyft driver is also considered working if they have accepted a pickup or are logged into their account and on the way to a customer. In instances when the driver is working but alone in the car, the commercial policy still protects the driver, but it is not for maximum coverage. To determine the value of the coverage, you will need to speak with a Lyft representative or your attorney.

While car crashes are confusing and exhilarating experiences, they are made even more complicated when they involve a Lyft or other rideshare vehicle. If you want to figure out your best course of action against the liable rideshare company or driver, then consider contacting a car accident lawyer, like from Kamper & Estrada, PLLC. You can discuss the specifics of your claim and the police report. You can also review your injuries, and ask if the attorney believes you have a strong suit.


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