Driving Under the Influence: What Happens When You Are Pulled Over Out of State?

Say that you were on vacation and had a few too many drinks. While out of town, you were pulled over by the police. What should you do? Before you take action, here are some common myths that you should avoid when charged with a DUI in another state.

Myth #1: You Cannot Be Charged with a DUI

One of the biggest myths is that you cannot be charged with a DUI in another state. If you believe this, then you will be very surprised when formal charges are filed against you. It does not matter what state you are in. If you violate the law in one state, you can still face charges for it. You even have to show up for court. When it comes to your day in court, you cannot have that day in your home state. You normally have to show up for court in the state and county that the traffic stop occurred. Do not believe that you do not have to show up for court if you live in another state. This can lead to worse penalties.

Myth #2: You Cannot Face Penalties

When charged and convicted with a DUI, it does not matter what state files the charges and convicts you. Those penalties still count towards your driving record. In fact, many states will report traffic violations and other offenses to the state where the driver is from. If you are convicted of a DUI, you still have to face the consequences that the court delivers.

If you are not from the state, this might seem complex. After all, no one wants to uproot their lives to finish their DUI penalties. You may be able to complete your sentence in your own state. The main rule of finishing your penalties elsewhere is that your state or county has to have the same penalties available. For instance, if you are under probation and need to take alcohol classes, then your state has to offer the same penalties for you to complete.

If you are charged with a DUI in another state, then you should speak with a DUI lawyer right away. It can become more complicated when you are not from the state that you were charged in. You want to make sure that you never miss a court date or else you could face serious consequences. To find out about your legal defense, consult with a DUI lawyer from Frederick J. Brynn, P.C., today.


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