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Amusement Park Accidents: Who is Liable?

A typical day at a theme park usually consists of fun, laughter, and many unhealthy but tasty foods. It's not too common to think about potentially being severely injured when enjoying your day. But the reality is, even though it's not extremely common, amusement park injuries happen, and they can be severe—sometimes resulting in death.

Duty of care

Amusement park owners and operators must keep the parks safe for all customers. They must make sure that the rides are reasonably safe for use. This means ensuring:

  • Adequate restraints
  • Safety instructions
  • Employee supervision
  • Frequent maintenance and inspections

Amusement park owners are also expected to keep the amusement park grounds safe and free from hidden dangers. This means:

  • Providing railing for steep stairs
  • Cleaning spilled foods
  • Warning customers of slippery surfaces
  • Adequate lighting

Who is liable?

When facing an injury caused at an amusement park, many parties could be held liable:

  • Mechanical failure. All rides are required to be properly inspected and maintained. The amusement park operator or owner could be held liable if the park fails.
  • Ride operator error. If the employee operating the ride makes a mistake that causes an attendee to sustain an injury, that employee will likely be held liable for the damages. If the ride operator acted according to their proper training, the park owner will be held liable.
  • Slip and fall accidents. The entire amusement park should be properly maintained at all times. If someone slips and falls due to not having wet steps, unsafe platforms, or other dangerous property labeled with warning signs, the park owner can be held liable.
  • Design flaw. If someone is injured due to a poorly designed or defective ride, then the ride manufacturer may be held responsible for the injuries.

We can Help

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