Probate vs. Living Trusts

People spend their whole lives working hard to achieve the American Dream, to buy homes, own cars, and have luxuries in life. When the time comes for an individual to pass on to the afterlife, knowing that personal items one acquired over a lifetime will be transferred to the proper loved ones should be important to anyone.  A living trust plays an important role in handling the legal issues of who will receive all the things you worked so hard for your whole life when you pass.

When a person dies without a living trust, the disbursement of a person’s estate can often be a headache for the loved ones left behind and as they grieve the loss of their loved one, a living trust makes the transition period easier for everyone involved. Without a living trust, the will of an individual is handled through the probate process. The probate process leaves all decision making up to the court and is a process that includes:

  • Spending a lot of money for the deceased’s family
  •  Leaves the decision-making of your valuables in the hands of the court (who will be the heir etc.)
  •  The court proving the will of the deceased and identifies belongings before disbursement
  •  If the deceased did not create a will the court distributes items according to state law
  •  A long time-consuming process
  •  Paying debts and taxes

Giancarlo Estrada is an Arizona living trust attorney who is able to help individuals create a living trust before they die. In order to make life easier on the individuals, you care about it is important to create a living trust. Estrada also specializes in helping families with the probate process, if a living trust was not set in place prior to a person’s death.  Seeking his counsel and creating a living trust makes life after death for your loved ones easier. It also allows an individual to name a trustee, or allows someone they love and trust to distribute everything they worked hard their whole life for to the right individuals without getting the court system involved and dealing with the probate process.

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