Taco Bell, Target, Dollar General Face Slip and Fall Lawsuits

“Slip and fall” is one of the most common accident injuries in the world. In the classic scenario, a customer in a store slips on something (a puddle or another hazard — a banana peel is the iconic image) and falls, sustaining damage to the body.

Retailers, restaurants, and other public operations are all chiefly aware of the perils and liability of slip and fall. Accordingly, they usually put strict policies in place to reduce the likelihood of harm.

Nevertheless, store managers and employers are often negligent in detecting or remedying a dangerous hazard. When that happens and injury results, the victims can recover compensation for their pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

In recent weeks, some of the country’s biggest names in business have been named as defendants in various slip and fall actions. We review some of the more notable cases below:

  • Taco Bell — A Texas woman claims that her local Taco Bell left a slimy substance on the floor in front of the soda fountain machine. When she went for a refill, she slipped and incurred a number of injuries, including disfigurement. Taco Bell denies liability, according to The Southeast Texas Record.
  • Target — An Illinois man slipped and fell in the checkout lane of his local store, resulting in fractured kneecaps. He claims that a Target employee admitted that the store floors are often slippery due to the daily wax and polish they apply there. Such admissions of liability are common and can often be used against the stores in a lawsuit. Target denies liability as well, according to The West Virginia Record.
  • Dollar General — Also in West Virginia, a woman claims that the Dollar General in her town allowed a slippery soap spill to remain on the floor for too long. She slipped and injured her leg, knee, shoulder, and back. She’s suing for Dollar General’s alleged failure to keep its store safe and warn customers about the dangerous soap.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall — whether in a store, restaurant, or elsewhere — an Arizona personal injury attorney can help you claim the compensation you deserve. Call us today.


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