What Errors Might You Expect to Cause a Trucking Accident?

In passenger car accidents, establishing fault can pose some difficulty. The issue becomes even more complex when you’re dealing with commercial truckers. In some instances, the driver will not be responsible. Instead, a third party might be connected to the crash. Here is what you need to know about liability when it comes to accidents with commercial trucks.

Problems With the Vehicle

Despite the regulations on truckers to maintain safety, there are still problems that spring up. One of the most common types of negligence found with truckers is a problem with the vehicle. Sometimes, this may be down to manufacturer error. For instance, problems with the trailer itself or the driving components that lead to an accident. In these cases, it may be the manufacturer’s fault.

In addition, it is possible that the trucking company did not perform maintenance on the vehicle. Trucks have to undergo regular maintenance to guarantee safety. When the company chooses not to have tires checked or have the internal components looked at, then it might be the company’s fault that the driver was in an accident at all.

Errors By the Driver

Errors by the driver him or herself are also common in trucking accidents. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur due to drowsy driving. While there are federal regulations that are meant to help curb drowsy driving, it still does happen. Generally, truckers are overworked and may feel pressured to reach a deadline. In these cases, it could be a mix of driver and company fault.

Other types of errors that a driver might make could be due to blind spots, a load that is too heavy or even miscalculating a maneuver. Truckers are usually aware of the danger that their trucks pose on the roads. However, if a driver is not used to a particular stretch of highway or climate, it could be easier to miscalculate turn or to lose control on ice or wet asphalt.

When it comes to liability in any car accident, it is in your best interests to speak with a lawyer. In order to prove fault, you should continue to gather the same evidence that you would in a passenger vehicle crash. Make sure that you have police or witness reports on hand and file the appropriate documentation. Your lawyer will be able to help you decide who may be culpable and who you should file a claim against. Call a truck accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA today for a consultation.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury claims and errors that can cause a truck accident.


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