What To Do If A Car Hits My Truck But The Only Damage Is On Their Vehicle?

It’s no secret that many people feel safer driving larger trucks than small sedans, and for good reason! Larger vehicles can take a hit more safely than smaller ones in an accident. So what happens when a car hits your truck, and the only damage done is to their vehicle?


There are certain steps you should always take immediately after a car accident.

  1. Stay at the Scene & Remain Calm. Don’t be aggressive or confront any of the other parties involved. Don’t chase a car or person trying to flee the scene. And don’t admit fault. Even if it was obviously your fault, do not admit so and do not profusely apologize.
  2. Call the Police. If there has been any sort of accident, you’ll want the police to come and make a report. In some states, not reporting an accident can be considered an offense. Plus, the police officer wasn’t in the accident and isn’t experiencing the same intense emotions as you, so they are able to better document details like the weather, road conditions, witnesses, etc.
  3. Examine Your Truck. Even if it looks like your truck escaped unscathed, damages from car accidents have a sneaky way of showing up a few days, weeks, or even months later. It is possible that your truck may later experience leaks, reduced battery life, misalignment, etc. Take photos of your truck at the scene, there might be damage that you don’t notice in the emotional aftermath of the accident.
  4. Exchange Insurance Information. Even if the accident seems minor, make sure to exchange insurance information. Do not be bullied into accepting cash or just shrugging the incident off. Again, damages can sneak up long after you’ve left the scene of the accident.
  5. Gather Evidence. This also includes taking photos of your truck, their car, the location of the accident, the weather, etc.


  1. Contact your auto insurance company. Provide your account of the accident. Let them know that you’ll be observing both your vehicle in the coming days and weeks to see if any damages come up. If you were at fault, the driver of the car will most likely contact your insurance company to make a claim. Make sure you have liability coverage, which will cover the cost of the damages to the car if the accident was your fault.
  2. Observe your Truck. Is it having trouble starting? Has something started leaking? Notate any changes in the condition of your truck in the days and weeks after the accident. Your truck may have some damage after all.

If you’re unsure about what to do if a car has hit your truck and it looks like only their car is damaged, contact the experienced truck accident lawyer Central Phoenix, AZ residents recommend from Kamper & Estrada, PLLC for a free one-hour consultation.


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